Skytap REST API wrapper

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Skytap is a set of modules that we use to manage aspects of our Skytap infrastructure.


To use the module, you’ll need to create at least two environment variables:

Optionally, you can also add:


This can be a number between 0-50 and corresponds to the logging module from Python:

  • DEBUG: 0
  • INFO: 10
  • WARNING: 20
  • ERROR: 30
  • CRITICAL: 50

An easy way to set these variables is to create a .skytap file in your home directory (~/.skytap) with the variables in there:

export SKYTAP_TOKEN=79824879aeb2b34534e112d23a3c

Then you can source the file:

source ~/.skytap

to load the variables, or add that same source command to your ~/.bash_profile or equivalent file to have it done automatically.

Via the command line

Most modules can be accessed directly from the command line to get simple information. This functionally returns the JSON from the Skytap API:

python -m skytap.Environments
python -m skytap.Users

You’ll get back a JSON for the request, something like:

    "id": "12345",
    "url": "",
    "login_name": "",
    "first_name": "Kermit",
    "last_name": "The Frog",
    "title": "Master of Ceremonies",
    "email": "",
    "created_at": "2012-01-02T12:43:05-08:00",
    "deleted": false

If you only want a one item returned instead of the full list, you can get that from the command line as well:

python -m skytap.Environments 12345
python -m skytap.Quotas svm_hours

Via Python script

To use this, simply import it:

import skytap

Then you can access the resource groups of interest.

A simple example:

import skytap
users = skytap.Users()
for u in users:
    print( + ' : ' +

This can also help automate running and suspending VMs:

import skytap
envs = skytap.Environments()

envs[123456].suspend()  # or .suspend(True) if you want the script to wait.

Doing this will, by default, add a note to the environment of it’s action, so someone checking the environment can see why it’s not running.


Install this through pip:

pip install skytap

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